A few of our 6 week old puppies!

We do not have any puppies at the moment. One breeder that we suggest that you could try is Kates Family Pets, at this website address http://www.family-pets.com/.

It is understood that the origin of the Labradoodle dog breed was in Victoria (VIC) Australia, when the Labradoodleswere bred for use as 'guide dogs' for allergy sufferers, in place of Labradors etc (which shed more hair etc). And this mix of breeds should be no surprise, given that both the Poodle and the Labrador are ranked in the top 10 of all dogs and ranked in the group of 'brightest dogs' for Dog IQ (ie Understanding of New Commands: Less than 5 repetitions. Obey First Command: 95% of the time or better.), according to Dr Stanley Coren who is a neuropsychologist and professor of psychology.

Another interesting scientific point to note about our F1 Labradoodles is that research has shown that these have increased longevity or rates of survival (eg research has shown up to 4 years longer), due to the absence of inbreeding (such as that occuring in purebred dogs). And the same research has shown that the higher the rate of inbreeding (eg in purebreds), the lower or shorter the longevity or survival rates.

The popularity of the Labradoodle dog has significantly grown since those early days, and are now in various countries. With breeders of Labradoodle dogs also now being in various countries.

The size of Labradoodle dogs/puppies that we breed is the 'standard' size, being similar in height to (for example) a Standard Poodle or Labrador.

We currently do not have any Labradoodle puppies available. For more details about our puppies, then please see our puppies page (CLICK HERE).

Our Labradoodle pups are provided to their new owners with a range of items etc, which include:

all at no extra cost.  And delivery of the pups can be arranged.

If you like to seem more details of some of the items included free with your puppy, then please click on this link.

Please note that we are only a few hours drive from Sydney or Newcastle, and less from Port Macquarie.

Alternatively, transport can be arranged to numerous locations, including most capital cities and many major cities in Australia, such as Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Brisbane,Newcastle, Port Macquarie, etc.

With Sydney / Newcastle NSW Australia being our major client areas, if you are located near these areas, then delivery of your new puppy should be able to be arranged with the minimum of fuss (and cost).

In relation to delivery, the pups can be collected directly us, or they can be transported to you. Many of our pups go to Sydney, and can be flown there or can be collected from at Raymond Terrace (Heatherbrae). We also have pups flying to other destinations, so please do not hesitate to contact uus if you would like further details.

As a guide of the cost, following are details of the flight costs from Newcastle airport to the various destinations:

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Sydney: $155
Canberra: $185
Melbourne: $205
Brisbane: $165
Darwin: $350
Albury: $160

Please note that these details do not remain valid, and should not be relied upon. They are only provided as a guide to what the costs were quoted as being on 4/8/06.

To contact us:

Click here
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